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You hear interviews every day, but they’re always with somebody else.  Isn’t it time that somebody interviewed you?

You have something important to say.   Are you shy or do you think other people won’t think it’s interesting?  We can help.

     Schedule an interview, and Conversus will tell your story with the same kind of professional expertise you hear in interviews on cable, broadcast, satellite and the Internet.       

    Agents and promoters trying to publicize authors, actors, researchers and musicians who can’t yet get mainstream publicity can let us do it.

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Very Personal

Use your Conversus interview to remember a family story, a good time with friends, a successful project completed or a hardship overcome. And if you share it with the wider world, be assured people will listen because we all want to know that someone has successfully gone through what we might be facing. Conversus is not only a way for you to show your pride in something, but it lets you connect with the people you care about, or keep up with someone you admire, or encourage someone facing their own challenges.  And it can help your career.  Attach an interview to your online resume and make a more personal connection to a potential employer.

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in-person, as well as in any time zone via:

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We also interview individuals with governmental, commercial and non profit entities.

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