Tell Your Story
What is a Story?

Quotes from Storytellers at the Jonesboro Storytelling Festival,

Jonesboro, Tennessee

When people start to talk, if unprompted, they will usually talk first about that which has most occupied their thoughts.


Many of us tend to tell the stories that mean the most to us over and over.

Without listening, there is no speaking.  Without speaking, there is no sharing.  Without sharing, there is no story.  

Everybody, Everywhere Has a Story

Borders, languages and time zones are no match for the human story.  We  help you tell the world about what moves you no matter who or where you are.

Sons and daughters, mothers and fathers, use Conversus to archive a personal message to your loved ones.  Musicians in Eastern Europe, activists in the Middle East, community organizers in the United States, comedians in Asia or a politicians in Mexico; in other words, anybody with a story to tell, Conversus will help you tell it.    

Conversus lets us tell your story no matter what tongue you speak.  Tell it to us in your language. We’ll talk back, build the interview and share it with you.  If you are satisfied, we’ll translate it into two languages; yours in the background, and English in the foreground. Then, it’s ready to be shared with everybody.

Every interview is posted online.  And yours will share space with peers and celebrities from around the world.  Listening is free.

Interviews can be up to an hour long. And you may link your interview to anywhere on the Internet.  Schedule yours now.

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Music by Kevin Macleod

* The interviewees in the demo are fictional.  They were  created with Google Translate.

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