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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Conversus?

It is a website that interviews people.

Why would someone want to be interviewed?

Because they might want to tell other people, in their own voice, about something that is important to them.

What kind of things?

They could talk about personal things like their politics or their philosophy of life.  They could talk about their family, their friends, a hardship they’ve overcome or a success they’ve achieved.  Or they could talk about professional things like their business, their work, or a product or service they are trying to get people to try - especially creative types like authors, musicians and actors who haven’t gotten professional, mainstream treatment yet.

I’ve never been interviewed before.  If I was interested, how would I do it?

The Basics page gives tips on the interview process.  But an interview is just a conversation about something you care about.  You don’t need to know anything special to talk about that.

How much does it cost?

Interview time, which can be scheduled for in-person or via the phone or Internet, is in 20-minute blocks and includes any set up or pre-interviewing.    Each of these blocks is priced at a flat rate of  $40.00.  The flat rate also includes basic editing; i.e., back and forth dialogue only with no extras.   Extras including adding music, other voices and/or sound effects are $2/per minute.  A media advisory or  :30 second promo that advertises your interview is $2.  Each contact that Conversus sends to any promo or media advisory to  costs $2/per contact.  Translating an interview to or from another language is $2/per minute.  

Who owns my interview?

All interviews and portions of interviews are the property of  Conversus.  When your interview is done, you get a copy of the finished product and we keep a copy.  We also keep the original, unedited audio, but you can get a copy of that too.  See Privacy Policy below and Extras for more information.

Will you ever edit my words to make me say something I didn’t say?


Can somebody else be a part of my interview?

Yes.  The Extras page explains how more than one person can be interviewed.

Can I have music or sound effects in my interview?

Yes.  The Extras page explains how you can add music and/or sound effects.

How do you translate my voice between languages?

If you are not fluent in English, we interview you via email and translate your words using a translation program.  Then, we use a simulated voice to speak those words in an accent approximating your native language/country.  This voice is in the background to the listener.  We use another simulated voice that also speaks those translated words, but in English, which is in the foreground to the listener.  To see how this works, watch our video.  

To translate your interview from English into another language, we will transcribe it into the written word, translate it into the language of your choice, and use a simulated voice to speak those words in an accent approximating that language.  This voice is in the foreground to the listener.  We use another simulated voice that also speaks those translated words, but in English, which is in the background to the listener.

Who would hear my interview?

You can send it to just one person or everybody in your family or everybody on Facebook.  Or we can do that.  We can also create a media advisory about your conversation and send that release to the media.  If they talk about it, it can bring a lot more people to listen.  

What is a promo?

A promo is slang for a promotion, which in broadcasting, is usually a :30 second commercial about a  program.  Promos attract interest and drive traffic to the program. Promos are not sent to broadcasting facilities as a general rule.  Instead, they are sent to people and organization who might be interested in the program as members of the viewing or listening audience.  

What is a media advisory?

A media advisory is a notice sent to print and broadcasting facilities telling them about an upcoming event. By notifying them of the event, media advisories give broadcaster and print media the choice of whether or not they want to cover an event.  The media may use the media advisory to create a story based on the information in the media advisory, or they may contact the subject of the media advisory directly to do a more in-depth story.

How do I schedule my interview?

Click on any of the “Schedule an Interview” or “Let’s Talk” links.  You’ll be taken to and a calendar where you can select how much time, in 20-minute blocks, you think you’ll need to tell your story.  When you submit your choice, a short questionnaire comes up that asks you to talk a little bit about the story you want to tell and what kind of extras you think you might want.  When you submit that, you’ll be sent to a pay site to pay for the interview time only.   When the interview is edited and your extras have been added, you’ll get an invoice for the final cost including extras.  After we receive payment, you’ll get the final, polished product.  


When can I schedule my interview?

You can schedule an interview as early as 10 days from  and as close as  7 days to the interview date.

What if I don’t like something in my interview?  Can I change it?

Yes.  You get one free redo of something specific to the interview itself.  For example, if you say something you want taken out and replaced with something else, or if you remember something you didn’t say but want to include, editing time and new talk time are not charged.  Or if you want to change a music or sound effect selection.  Or if you want to remove someone or one of their comments from the interview, editing and replacement time is not charged.  The second redo is charged at $2/minute of change.  So, if you want a four minute song removed, that edit will cost $8 dollars.  Extras not specific to the interview itself, like distribution and promotion cannot be undone.  See our Terms and Conditions below for more information.  

What if I just don’t like the interview.

That happens. But the problem with electronic files that are sent over the Internet is there is no way for Conversus to know what happens to those files after we have sent them for your review.  So unfortunately, once we send you a file, your options are limited.  You can; 1) accept the interview as unsatisfied, 2) not accept the interview, or 3) agree to one free redo.  If you are not satisfied after the free redo, you can keep the interview as it is.  Money will not be refunded. See Terms and Conditions for more information.

Do you offer a guarantee.

Yes.  We guarantee that your interview will receive the same level of professionalism as interviews you see and hear in broadcast, cable and online.

What are transcripts and why don’t I have to pay for them?

Transcripts are a written version of the audio interview.  Transcripts are expensive to produce, but you don’t have to pay for them because your enjoyment of the interview, whether written or aural, is what matters most; both are two halves of the same experience.  People may use transcripts as written reference for other work they are doing.  However, transcripts produced by Conversus may not be plagiarized.     

Where did you get the music for the promos?

The promo music is from Kevin Mcleod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0

Updated November 25, 2012

Introduction; Consent to Terms

Please read these Terms and Conditions before using the Conversus website.  By using it, any of its subdomain or third-party affiliates in conjunction with Conversus, you are agreeing to be bound by these terms and conditions.  If you do not agree to be bound by the Terms and Conditions, to include the Privacy Policy, please leave this Site. Conversus can change any part of this site at any time and your notification of those changes can be found here as soon as they are posted.  Check these terms and conditions for updates.  These terms may change without prior notice so review them periodically.  

Eligibility to Register for and Use the Site

Except for the interview scheduling page, the Site is accessible to anyone. Registration for the Site is open only to individuals eighteen years of age and older. Younger individuals may not use this Site. Also, Conversus may refuse access to the Site to anyone at any time, in its sole discretion.

Proprietary Rights The contents of this Site are protected by United States and international copyright laws. You may not reproduce, distribute, transmit, display, prepare derivative works of, or perform any copyrighted material on the Site without the prior written consent of Conversus, except as provided in the next sentence.

Framing Conversus does not allow framing of the Conversus website.  

Links to the Site

You may link to the Conversus home page, but that does not suggest an endorsement by Conversus of any third party. Conversus may withdraw permission for any link.

Links to Third-Party Web Sites

Conversus links to Web sites maintained by third parties, over which Conversus has no control. Conversus does not endorse and is not responsible for content on third party sites.  Conversus will not be in any way responsible or liable for any damage or loss caused or alleged to be caused by or in connection with any use of third party sites.

Privacy Policy

Please see the Conversus Privacy Policy regarding the use of personal information collected to use Conversus.  

Changes to Service  Conversus may change, refuse, suspend, or terminate service, and change or discontinue any content, aspect or feature of the Site, at any time without notice in its sole discretion.


To be interviewed, you must register and establish a password. You alone are responsible for all activities that occur using your registration and/or password. You must maintain the confidentiality of your password, and you will notify Conversus immediately of any unauthorized use of your account and/or password.


For simplicity of pricing, almost all products and services provided by Conversus are on a cost per unit or a real-time, cost per minute basis.  

All scheduling for interviews occurs on the website  Individuals seeking to be interviewed must sign up for an account.

Potential interviewees (the person(s) wanting to be interviewed) are asked to fill out a brief questionnaire that gives Conversus an understanding of the topic the interviewee wants to talk about.  Barring unexpected technological problems beyond the control of Conversus, this questionnaire should appear to the interviewee as soon as they schedule their interview.  

When the questionnaire is filled out and submitted, interviewees will be sent to a pay site to pay for the scheduled interview time.  This does not pay for the completed version of the interview unless there are no extras.  If the interviewee chooses extras, an interview is complete when all extras have been added and paid for.  All payments for interviews are transacted electronically.  Once only the interview time has been paid for, you and Conversus will receive a confirmation email specifying the date and time of the interview.  Conversus will review the questionnaire and prepare questions based on the information you provide in the questionnaire.  

All interviewees will receive a reminder email of their interview one day in advance of the interview.  

All interviews will be conducted between Conversus (the interviewer) and the person or persons being interviewed; you. The interview may be in person, by voice communication technology or in the case of a translated interview, by text or email. A pre-interview based on the questionnaire will begin not less than five minutes before the scheduled interview time.  The purpose of the pre-interview is to make final interview preparations and is intended to be a casual chat between the interviewer and the interviewee about the subject to be discussed.  This preparation may be in person, by instant messaging, telephone or SMS.   

In the event that Conversus does not contact the interviewee not less than five minutes before the interview time, the interviewee may reschedule the interview or cancel it. In the event that the interviewee does not respond to Conversus not less than five minutes before the interview time, Conversus may offer a reschedule or cancel the interview.  Interviewees may reschedule an interview for free.  First and second schedulings that are canceled by either the interviewee or Conversus are refunded.  Subsequent reschedulings not the fault of Conversus are accompanied by a $25 fee. All calling time is referenced to the Official US Time.     

Conversus assumes the people seeking to be interviewed are accurately and honestly representing who they claim to be, i.e., themselves.  If an interviewee or a representative of an interviewee is found to be impersonating someone else, or involved in any form of misrepresentation, any work on an interview will stop.  Any interview uploaded which is later found to be conducted under false pretenses will be taken down.  Money will not be refunded.

Conversus will determine if the quality of the connection supports an interview.  If the quality is poor enough to affect the final product, Conversus may, at its discretion, delay the interview until such time that another connection can be made, whether that means a different telephone number, a reconnection to Skype or whatever is necessary to improve connection quality.  If Conversus determines a connection cannot be established, the interview will be rescheduled.  

Interviewees understand that editing is a process to remove redundancy, dead air, misstatements, technical errors and other mistakes obvious to the listener, the interviewee and/or Conversus or to add content for the purpose of enhancing the final interview.  Because of this, the final interview may sound different than the unedited audio.  The final interview may be shorter or longer in length than the time scheduled/purchased by the interviewee.  A copy of the original audio (aka "raw") will be used as a basis to create the final interview.  Conversus retains all raw audio to provide context to the final interview by avoiding accusations that the interviewee appears to say something they did not intend.  


Content may be suggested by the interviewee but will be added or not added at the discretion of Conversus.  Content, if suggested, must be available for use and its use must not violate, plagiarize, or infringe on the rights of third parties, including copyright, trademark, trade secret, privacy, personal, publicity, moral, or proprietary rights. Interviewee promises and represents that any recommended or transmitted materials will be owned by the interviewee or be in the public domain.  If it is not owned by the interviewee or in the public domain, the interviewee will provide proof of permission by the creator of the content or their bonifide representative to use it in the interview.


Once interviews begin, Conversus assumes interviewees will want to conduct the interview in a manner that fulfils the spirit with which an average person would seek an interview, i.e., to converse with Conversus in a manner that allows them to tell the story they wish to tell to a general or specific audience.  Therefore, interviewees will assist Conversus achieve this mutual goal through cooperation, timeliness and courtesy.  Additionally, there are two types of interviews; (1) Full length interviews are :25 minutes or longer up to :60 minutes, and (2) Casual length interviews are :24 minutes or shorter, down to :05 minutes.  

Interviewees understand they have full responsibility over their words, comments, references, allusions and inferences, as well as their mood, tone of voice, understandability (pitch, volume, articulation and cadence) and state of mind, regarding the subject about which they are speaking. Interviewees comments will not be libelous, defamatory, false, obscene, indecent, lewd, pornographic, violent, abusive, threatening, harassing, discriminatory, in violation of the law, or constitute hate speech.

Conversus will conduct all interviews in a professional manner and will not seek to put interviewees in an unflattering light or cause emotional distress or personal embarrassment.  Interviewees agree that they will not assign to Conversus any responsibility for any emotional distress that may result from engaging in a conversation with the interviewer about specific or related subjects of the interview.   


All unedited audio and all produced interviews, including all versions in all stages of production, as well as any photos and/or video taken in support of an interview are the sole property of Conversus.  Interviewees and others may (with the permission of the interviewee) purchase copies of the original, raw audio which will be embedded with a click-track. Unedited audio will not be posted by Conversus.  The exception concerns interviews with musicians where permission to use music as part of the interview has not been granted.  In that case, Conversus will post an edited version of the conversation only without the click track. Conversus may create transcriptions of the completed interview and provide these transcriptions as written articles to print/text media sources in exchange for money or other compensation. Conversus may also use all or parts of interviews to create promos which advertise Conversus.

If the interviewee is not satisfied with their interview, Conversus will offer a free "redo", meaning one specific change to the completed interview will be made/offered.  These can include: a) replacing something said by the interviewee with something else by the interviewee. b) removing something said by the interviewee altogether, c) adding something by the interviewee not previously said, d) replacing a sound effects/music selection, e) removing a second voice.  In these specific instances, editing and/or talk time will not be charged.  Subsequent redos are charged at $2/minute of change.  For example, if an interviewee wants a four minute song removed, that edit will cost $8 dollars.  Extras not specific to the interview itself, such as distribution and promotion cannot be undone and will be initiated and billed only after the interviewee has accepted their completed interview.  Interviews will be available for previewing at a Conversus website link.

For translated interviews, interviewees understand that machine translation is not perfect and minor misinterpretations between human definitions and machine definitions of words, as well as errors in grasping the finer points of grammar and syntax may occur. Conversus is not responsible for those discrepancies.   

Interviewees must notify Conversus within 24 hours (after Conversus sends the completed interview to their provided email address) that they either accept or do not accept their interview.  If they accept, Conversus will thereafter automatically bill for any extras that were part of the completed interview and initiate promotion and/or distribution extras, if requested.


If an interviewee has paid Conversus to distribute their interview to the wider world, Conversus assumes it is because the interviewee is satisfied with the completed interview.  However, when Conversus sends an interview to be previewed by the interviewee, Conversus does not know what the interviewee will do with it once they have it.  Because of the perishability and liquidity of interviews in electronic form, Conversus must assume you either accept or do not accept the interview.  If you accept, Conversus will fulfil promotion and distribution requests, if any and bill for extras in a final invoice.  If you do not accept, you can; 1) accept the interview as unsatisfied, 2) not accept the interview or 3) agree to one free redo.  If you are not satisfied after the free redo, the interview is yours as is.  Money will for interview time not be refunded.

Conversus will not be responsible for how the interview may be perceived or interpreted, nor is it liable for any repercussions the interviewee may suffer because of the interviewee’s comments.  All interviews will be produced and ready for previewing within 3 business days of the date the interview is conducted.  

Representations; Indemnity

You represent and warrant that (a) any material you post, upload, or transmit through the Site does not and will not violate the Terms of Use, and (b) your use of the Site complies with these Terms of Use. You agree that you will indemnify and hold harmless Conversus and its directors, officers, employees, members, and licensees from any and all claims, liabilities, costs, or expenses, including reasonable attorneys’ fees, arising from (1) your breach of any of the above representations and warranties, (2) your use of the Site, (3) the materials you have posted, uploaded, or transmitted through the Discussion Forums or the Site, or (4) Conversus's publication, distribution, or use of such materials.





User Termination

Conversus reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to delete any or all of your content on any of its own or third party providers or block access to the Site, with or without notice, and without any liability to you, for failure to comply with Conversus policies and procedures or with these Terms and Conditions.

International Users

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These Terms and Conditions, together with the Privacy Policy, represent everything you need to know to legally use this site.  These Terms of Use shall be governed by and construed under State of Utah law and, where applicable, the laws of the United States. To the extent permitted by law, any disputes under these Terms of Use or relating to the Site shall be litigated in the local or federal courts located, and you hereby consent to personal jurisdiction and venue, in the State of Utah. If for any reason any provision of these Terms of Use is found unenforceable, that provision will be enforced to the maximum extent permissible, and the remainder of the Terms of Use will continue in full force and effect. A modification or waiver of a portion of these Terms of Use shall not constitute a modification or waiver of any other portion of the Terms of Use. No changes to these Terms of Use may be made except by a revised posting on this page.


If you have any questions or comments about these Terms or Conditions, please contact Conversus via e-mail at storytelling (at) dmassociates (dot) biz, or by phone at 855-632-2995, or by mail at:


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Terms and Conditions

Privacy Policy

Updated November 25, 2012

Gathering of Information
Conversus collects separately or collectively your name, e-mail address, address, telephone number, comments and credit card information as needed, separately or in conjunction with the services associated with this site. Those services include the Facebook, Twitter and Soundcloud websites, the Supersaas Scheduling Calendar and the Vox Pop blog.  In addition, the Internet Protocol Address (IP Address) of the machine which accessed the Conversus services collects:

Cookies and Other Technologies
Conversus also uses 'cookies' to collect information. A cookie is a string of characters that can be written to a file on the user's hard drive when the user visits a web site, application or service. Only the web site, application or service that set the cookie can read it, and it can only be used as a record keeping device to store user IDs and information that the site already has. It cannot be used to read other information from the user's hard drive.

Conversus uses cookies to track users' activity through the Conversus services in order to improve the site/application/service architecture, to offer the user interactive features that would not be possible without them, to offer local station content, to recall specific information to save the user time during subsequent visits to the Conversus services, and to direct more relevant sponsorship or underwriting messages to the user while the user is on the Conversus services, based on the user’s activity on the Conversus services. For example, cookies allow Conversus to remember your registration information while you are logged in. Third party vendors that measure and analyze the use of the Conversus services for Conversus, also use their own cookies.

If you wish to prevent certain or all cookies or web beacons from being set to your hard drive or device, or to clear existing cookies or web beacons from your browser’s or device’s cache, you may be able to disable them in your browser's preferences, although your browser might then be unable to accommodate certain functionalities on the Conversus services.

Use of Information
The use of personally-identifying information is limited to the following: managing and administering the Conversus services; responding to user messages; listing name and location (city, state and/or country) information provided by users when broadcasting or publishing User Materials; editorial purposes such as contacting users for an online survey; and other communications including marketing and promotional communications, from Conversus users who have 'opted in' to the receipt of such communications; and for other purposes specified at the time the information is gathered. Conversus may contact users regarding their submissions in certain circumstances.

Any information that you disclose when participating in Conversus (including being interviewed, creating a profile or submitting a comment to a blog or in a discussion thread), such as your full name and any nickname, is likely to become public. This information may be posted on the Conversus unique or third party services. In addition, Conversus, third party providers an their licensees, may use, copy, sublicense, modify, transmit, publicly perform, display, create derivative works of, host, index, cache, tag, encode, and/or adapt any User Materials, and any information contained therein, in any and all media formats or channels, whether now known or hereafter devised, including, but not limited to, the Conversus services, other third party web sites and services, over the air (on radio or television), VOIP, Internet broadcasting formats, and on mobile platforms. Further, other users of the Conversus services may embed a widget or feed that allows your User Materials to appear on their personal, noncommercial web site, blog or other application, subject to conditions set forth in the Terms and Conditions.

In addition, if you send User Materials to Conversus through the Conversus services, we may reuse the User Materials, or an excerpt from the User Materials, on the Conversus services, use them as part of conducted or produced interviews, promotions, advertisement, publicity or otherwise publish them in any other medium, together with your name and location (city, state and/or country) if you provide that information to us.

Excluding information provided by the user when participating in the Conversus website, with third party providers or by sending User Materials to Conversus, which may become public as discussed above, personally-identifying information collected by Conversus is not provided to outside parties, users of your personal information include Conversus third party providers, Conversus 's email list manager, the provider of the tool that allows users to sign in using information from their account with a third party service, and other third parties when the user specifically consents to such distribution. In these circumstances, the information is provided for the sole purpose of -- and only to the extent necessary for -- delivering the requested goods to the user, delivering communications from Conversus to users who have 'opted in' to the receipt of these communications, providing services for and on behalf of Conversus, or serving other internal Conversus or Conversus third party provider purposes.

Conversus also may disclose personal information if required to do so by law or if it believes that such action is necessary to (a) comply with the law or with legal process, (b) protect against misuse or unauthorized use of the Conversus services, or (c) protect the personal safety or property of users of the Conversus services, the public or Conversus and its employees.  If you do not want your personally-identifying information to be collected or used for any of these purposes, please do not provide it (although if you do not provide it, you may not be able to use or participate in certain features of the Conversus services). You can also 'opt out' according to the process described below.

Conversus, with the assistance from time to time of its third party service vendors, uses non-identifying aggregate information to analyze use of and better design the Conversus services and to share with third parties in aggregate form only as appropriate. For example, we may tell a third party that a certain number of users accessed a particular audio stream on our Web site. However, we will not disclose any information that could be used to identify those users.

Conversus has in place what we believe to be appropriate physical, electronic, and managerial procedures to safeguard and secure the information we collect online. Credit card information provided to Conversus third party providers is protected against unauthorized use by 128-bit encryption and Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) security features, which scramble your personal information so that only your browser and the Conversus server can decipher it. However, no Internet, e-mail or mobile transmission is ever fully secure or error free. Because most e-mail and mobile transmissions are not encrypted, you should take special care in deciding what information you send to us via e-mail, SMS or text message, or other mobile transmission.

Under 13: You must be at least 13 years old in order to register for e-mail newsletters or other features of the Conversus services. If you are under 13 years of age, please do not send any information about yourself, including your name, address or e-mail address. If we discover that we have collected any personally-identifying information from a child under the age of 13, we will remove that information from our database as soon as possible.

13-18: You must be at least 18 years old in order to Submit any User Materials on or through the Conversus services, or create a profile on any of the Conversus third-party related sites. Visitors between the ages of 13 and 18 must obtain permission from their parents or guardians before registering for any features of the Conversus services or otherwise sending any personally-identifying information.

Corrections to Personal Data; Opting Out
Contact Us to a) correct or update any personal information in the Conversus database that you state is erroneous, b) opt-out of future communications from Conversus , or c) request Conversus to make reasonable efforts to remove your personal information from Conversus’s database, thereby canceling your relationship with Conversus. This will not necessarily remove previous public comments and other User Materials Submitted for public display on the Conversus third party related websites. The user understands that it may be impossible to delete personal information entirely because of backups and records of deletions.

Acceptance of Privacy Policy Terms
Conversus reserves the right to change this policy. Any changes to this policy will be posted to this page as soon as reasonably possible, so please check this page periodically. Use of the Conversus services constitutes consent to any policy then in effect. Please make sure that you read Conversus's Terms and Conditions to understand additional terms and conditions which apply to the use of the Conversus services.

Links to other Sites and Services
It is important to note that the Conversus services contain links to other sites, applications and services maintained by third parties that may not follow the same privacy policies as the Conversus services. For instance, clicking or tapping on a sponsorship notice or some third party logos on the Conversus services will take you to an entirely different site, application or service. These sites, applications and services may use cookies, collect data, and use the data in ways that the Conversus services would not. Conversus is not responsible for the privacy practices or any information or materials on these other sites. Please visit these sites if you wish to review their privacy policies.  In some cases, the Conversus services may include certain embedded tools provided and controlled by third parties and governed by the terms and policies of the third parties. You should only use these third party tools if you agree to their respective terms and policies. The Conversus services include a tool that allows you to view the third party public social network accounts of the proprietor of Conversus and/or sign in using information from your account with those third party accounts, such as Facebook, Twitter, Google, Yahoo, or Linkedin and others. Please be aware that those third party services are unrelated to Conversus, and that your use of the third party services is subject to the terms and policies of those services.

International User Notice
For international users, please note that it may be necessary to transfer your information internationally and, in particular, your information may be transferred to and processed in the United States. For residents of the European Union: the data protection and other laws of other countries outside of the European Union may not be as comprehensive as those of the European Union. Please be assured that we take steps to ensure that your privacy is protected as described in this policy. By using this site, you agree to have your information used and transferred to the United States as set forth in this policy.


If you have any questions or comments about this Privacy Policy, please contact Conversus via e-mail at storytelling (at) dmassociates (dot) biz, or by phone at 855-632-2995, or by mail at:


PO Box 651542

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